Junkaloo | A Marketplace to BUY, SELL, Trade Junkaloo | A Marketplace to BUY, SELL & Trade! Junkaloo | A Marketplace to BUY, SELL, Trade Junkaloo | A Marketplace to BUY, SELL & Trade!
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What is Junkaloo?

Simply put, Junkaloo is a FREE online marketplace to buy, sell or trade. Do you have new or used stuff that you no longer need? Look no further! Junkaloo provides an online marketplace for people to sell and buy items. Junkaloo is a simple website. Try it today!

How do I sign up for Junkaloo?

There is no registration required to use Junkaloo! We have worked very hard to make Junkaloo really simple to use. Simply use the listing form to post an item or search for an item from any page on the site using the search form at the top of your screen.

Is Junkaloo safe?

Junkaloo, like any other social website provides a platform for people from all walks of life to interact. In so doing, we encourage an athmosphere of fairness and safety. However, we encourage all users to exercise good judgement whenever meeting in person.

What is a Broadcast?

A broadcast is a direct message from a user to their entire network. These are more effective than traditional advertisement methods as Broadcasts allow for more exposure. Go ahead try it out! Broadcasts are free at this time.

How do I buy an item?

When viewing an item simply click the "Place a Bid" button under the listing. At this point you will be provided with a short form to complete. An email will then be sent to the seller.

How do I know when I win an item?

We aim to allow 100% user interactivity so users are responsible for finalizing transactions and making arrangements to receive items.

*Please exercise good sense when meeting other users. Please try to select a familiar place preferably in public or if you must go to the person's home take a few friends along for safety.

Can I remove or edit my listing?

Yes. Once you post an item, you will receive an email with a link that you can use to edit or delete your item.

What if no one buys my item?

There may be occasions where an item might not be sold because of a lack of sufficient interested users or location distance. At this point the item will timeout within the specified number of days. The user may then re-list the item if they choose to.

I did not see my listing.

If you encounter this type of error please refresh the browser then allow up to 24 hrs for the listing to display. If the listing still does not appear, please contact the administrator at [email protected] for further assistance.

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Junkaloo | A Marketplace to BUY, SELL & Trade!
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Junkaloo | A Marketplace to BUY, SELL & Trade!